Regular Massage Can Prevent Injury

Regular massage therapy can help to prevent injury by identifying and addressing areas of muscle tension or imbalance before they become a problem.

Here’s how:

A massage therapist may observe your horse’s posture, gait, and movement, looking for weakness, tension or muscle imbalance. Then they will use their hands to carefully palpate your horse’s muscles and fascia, searching for areas of tension, odd temperatures or textures, stiffness, or soreness.

Then your massage therapist will use their detailed knowledge of anatomy and their highly trained hands to work towards restoring your horse’s biomechanics, reducing the strain on muscles and joints and improving muscle function, efficiency and range of motion.

Massage therapy also promotes healing, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow and nutrient exchange to muscles and fascia, reduces the buildup of metabolic waste products that can contribute to muscle soreness and fatigue, reduces feelings of stress and improves resilience.

Regular massage therapy is a valuable tool for horse owners and trainers looking to prevent injuries and maintain optimal muscle health and function in their horses.

By identifying and addressing areas of tension or imbalance before they become a problem, massage therapists can help horses stay healthy, happy, and injury-free.

Benefits of massage with myofascial release include improved muscle function, improved joint alignment, improved self-awareness, mobilized fascia, an increase in stride length and range of motion, enhanced relaxation and improved overall performance and recovery.

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