Regular Massage Can Stimulate Capillarization In The Blood Vessels While Optimizing Their Functionality

Capillaries are small blood vessels located within the body’s tissues that help to transfer blood to and from the muscles. Capillarization is the process of increasing the number of capillaries surrounding a muscle. An increase in capillaries results in an increase in blood flow to the muscles which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients that give an increase in energy.

When capillarization is increased, muscles are able to work for longer periods of time without fatiguing. During rest periods, it improves muscle condition and aids in the maintenance of healthy muscles.

While this is a natural process that can also be achieved through exercise, exercise can cause excessive muscle tension and adhesions the soft tissues around the capillaries that inhibit the passage of blood and the all important exchange process.

This tiny point of transference of oxygen and nutrients at the end of the capillaries is the weak point in the circulatory chain. This point in the tissues is what the entire circulatory and respiratory systems were devised to support. Any excess degree of muscle tightening, any spasm or adhesion that interferes with the free flow of oxygen and nutrients into tissue, and the flow of toxins out of the tissues, must have its effect upon total performance.

Massage can release the muscle tension and adhesions that throttle the capillaries and restrict the all important exchange of oxygen and nutrients to restore optimal transference between tissues.

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