Your Horse Has 206 Bones And Over 700 Muscles

Your horse has 206 bones, which accounts for about 8% of your horse’s total mass, and over 700 muscles which accounts for about 50% of your horse’s total mass.

These strong, blood-rich, elastic structures power movement and locomotion, help regulate temperature and protect the skeleton by distributing force and absorbing shock.

Muscles dictate how your horse moves, their posture, how their joints function, how they contact the ground, how well lymph flows, and even your horse’s demeanor and outlook, all depend on how well your horse’s muscles are functioning.

Muscles act on or around the joints to create movement and resist forces. Tendons are a fibrous extension of the muscle. Tight, tense or fatigued muscles will increase the risk of sore tendons, soft tissue injuries, joint mis-alignment, and joint degeneration. Massage can improve how the muscles function and reduce the risk of lower leg injury.

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