Bodywork Is Not A Spectator Sport

There are quite a few bodywork videos going around currently that showcase the “wow factor” of a particular maneuver or technique.

In my opinion, these videos are more about the featured person’s salesmanship skills and less about their horsemanship or bodywork skills. In fact, I’m concerned about how those horses’ bodies feel in the days and weeks that follow.

I believe that good bodywork is not a spectator sport. I believe that good bodywork is much like excellent training: fairly boring to all but the most knowledgeable and/or personally invested.

The quiet improvements my clients’ horses make speak loudly enough about my work. I don’t need smoke and mirrors to fill my stage.

Benefits of massage with myofascial release include improved muscle function, improved joint alignment, improved self-awareness, mobilized fascia, an increase in stride length and range of motion, enhanced relaxation and improved overall performance and recovery.

Massage helps the body relax, release, and re-align itself mentally and physically for a more supple and athletic performance and is an important part of keeping your horse fit, healthy, happy and performing at its best.

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