Can You Improve His…?

Every now and then a potential client asks if a massage will help their horse with a particular concern – their horse is struggling with clean changes, they need a faster time, they want to run a clean pattern or get a better extension….

And the answer is often yes …maybe… as long as your problem doesn’t come from an underlying issue you aren’t yet aware of, like an unsoundness, a medical condition, a training weakness, a riding issue, poorly fit saddle/tack/shoeing…

Tight, sore muscles weaken and impair muscle function, pull the body out of alignment, limit ROM, cause proprioception issues, behavioral problems and myfascial pain – all things that can influence your horse’s confidence and capability.

When you reduce physical restrictions such as tight/sore muscles or myofascia and use targeted exercises that interrupt habitual movement patterns it can make certain movements more comfortable or appealing to the horse. The easier it is for your horse to move freely and in balance, the more capable it will be of doing what you ask it to do, and of doing it well. In other words, set your horse up for success and it will be more successful.

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