Elevating Equine Well-being: The Power of Massage for Performance and Health

Massage is used for the following reasons:

1. Improve performance: Massage can enhance your horse’s power, stamina suppleness, mind-set and exercise recovery. It can also be very helpful when bringing a horse into work, altering mechanics or improving strength, range of motion and overall posture. The easier it is for your horse to balance and move freely, the more balanced and freely your horse will move.

2. Injury Recovery: If your horse has suffered an injury, massage can reduce pain, loss of muscle tone, stress and related stiffness, aid healing and facilitate your horse’s return to action.

3. Prevention: One of the most important reasons for bodywork is injury prevention. A massage therapist can spot early signs of trouble, such as stiffness, knots and muscle spasms. By addressing these muscle imbalances early, you may be able to avoid the cumulative damage that leads to injury. Tune ups can help prevent breakdowns.

4. Improve your horse’s quality of life: If your horse is no longer actively working, his ability to live with as little discomfort as possible, and as much mobility as possible, determines his quality of life and his ability to interact with you and his surroundings. Massage is a natural way reduce pain, and enhance overall wellbeing.

Massage therapy is the cornerstone of equine bodywork. Regular sessions will improve your horse’s comfort, performance, trainability and soundness.

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