Winter Survival Tips: Staying Warm and Functional for Riders & Bodyworkers

Keeping your extremities warm can be a real challenge, interfering with your intention and compromising your physical ability to do your job well.

Here are a few of my favorite tips for staying warm and functional during winter.

A lot of heat escapes from your wrist. I use these polartec “Wristies” cool weather and can often forgo gloves for a better feel. They work well and are super easy to slip off and stick in a pocket if I get too warm.

Still too cold? Try placing these toe warmers inside the Wristies and over the veins your inner wrists where they can warm the blood going into your hands (make sure you have a layer of clothing between you and the warmer – they can get hot). I use toe warmers because they are sticky and will stay put better.

Toes cold? Place the same toe warmers on top of your toes instead of underneath like the directions on the package. It will be more comfortable, won’t interfere with your stirrup feel and as you walk you’ll pump air through the heating agent inside the warmer, which will help it work better.

You also lose a lot of heat from the veins just behind your ears. I actually use a custom polartec pair but these ear cozies are very similar. I love them because will tuck right into your helmet harness without changing the fit of the helmet, keep your ear and the spot right behind it insulated and are easy to remove and tuck into a pocket if you get too hot schooling. I even tuck them into my winter hat when the wind is cutting for a little extra protection.

If you do need gloves I like the SSG Windstopper with the faux-suede-like palm for both riding and if it’s just too cold for bodywork without them. They offer warmth, good feel and dexterity.

Kerrits Power Stretch Full Seat Tight (cold weather tights): Warm and wind proof.

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