Expert Insights & Tips On The Use Of Kinesiology Tape On Horses

Kinesiology Tape can be a useful add on to massage and can help support recovery from certain illnesses or injuries.

3 Reasons to Use K-Tape

  1. K-Tape decompresses fascia, a collagenous membrane that covers, supports and separates tissue. When K-Tape is stretched slightly and attached to the horse’s hair, it recoils a little and lifts the skin, decompressing soft tissue and creating space for the movement of fluids that lubricate, nourish and aid in the removal of toxins, damaged tissue and edema.
  2. K-Tape interacts with nerves in the skin and fascia through the hair root plexus. Nerves gather and carry information from internal and external stimuli to the brain and back. K-Tape communicates with the nervous system, stimulates acupressure points and reduces pain by taking pressure off nociceptors (sensory receptors for painful stimuli). K-Tape can also bring awareness to an area of the body and help improve your horse’s proprioception and kinesthesia, helpful when developing athleticism or recovering from nerve damage.
  3. K-Tape supports and stabilizes muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints reducing stress and effort while still allowing the horse to use it’s entire range of motion. Test applications on your own sore muscles or joints to really appreciate how it can help.

Expert Tips

  1. Make sure your horse is clean and dry with no extra oils in their coat (no fly spray, baby oil, sweat or shown sheen type products).
  2. Keep your K-Tape cool and dry between applications.
  3. Have a plan for why, where and how to apply it.
  4. A little bit of stretch is more effective than a lot of stretch.
  5. After you apply the K-Tape press it down and friction over the top to heat it up and activate the glue. Applying a polo or standing wrap for 20mins over a leg application can help the K-Tape heat up and press into the hair.
  6. K-Tape tends not to stick well to clipped hair.
  7. If you compete, know the rules about using K-Tape for the stabling area, warm-up or exercise and during the competition.

So far my 2 favorite kinesiology tapes have been Extra sticky Rock Tape and Equi-Tape. What’s yours?

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