If Your Horse Chooses to Walk Up To You

If your horse chooses to walk up to you in the pasture, it means that it associates you with good things and trusts that approaching you will lead to a positive outcome.

Research on dolphins shows that willingness to participate is also a good indicator of physical health as Dolphins became less willing to participate in training at the onset of a health issue.

Both horses and dolphins show avoidance behaviour when they experience stress.

It seems likely that a willingness to participate is a good indicator of health and well-being in horses as well.

If your comes up to you in the pasture likely indicates that your horse enjoys the things you do together and is inclined to participate in an activity with you that day.

Something as “simple” as a massage can have a huge impact on your horse’s quality of life, overall comfort, movement and performance. Massage helps the body relax, release, and re-align itself.

Regular massage will help keep your horse’s fascia and the muscles and tissues inside it, healthy and supple for a happier, sounder, more productive life.

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