Move Freely With Massage

The easier it is for your horse to move freely and in balance, the more capable it will be.

In other words, set your horse up for success and it will be more successful.

When you reduce physical restrictions such as tight/sore muscles or myofascia and targeted exercises that interrupt habitual movement patterns it can make movements that were once challenging more comfortable and appealing to your horse.

Tight, sore muscles weaken and impair muscle function, pull the body out of alignment, limit ROM, cause proprioception issues, behavioral problems and pain – all things that can influence your horse’s confidence and capability.

Massage with myofascial release can improve muscle function, joint alignment, self-awareness, increase stride length and range of motion, enhance relaxation, improve recovery from physical exertion and improve overall performance.

Massage is an important part of keeping your horse fit, healthy, happy and performing at its best.

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