Massage Can Help Your Horse Through The Training Process

When working with your horse, remember that it’s the muscles that create movement, strength, power, posture, hold the bones in place and support the organs. Muscles are also what pull the body out of optimum, by strength or weakness, which combine to create imbalance and potential unsoundness.

You can be a great trainer, conditioner or rehabber but the horse will still build strength unevenly – it’s simply what happens when out of shape horses are put into exercise, or the body makes an extra effort – it’s natural and expected.

By being proactive and working with a great massage therapist you can help your horse be more balanced and comfortable and so sounder and more mentally balanced.

Massage can help your horse through training process by manually suppling, improving awareness and letting your horse use itself the best it can while working and building and becoming, hopefully, the best version of themselves.

Helping horses of all disciplines improve performance and stay sounder and happier longer.

Massage with Myofascial Release is a whole body, hands-on approach to balancing tensions in the musculoskeletal system.

Massage with myofascial release can improve muscle function, joint alignment, self-awareness, mobilize fascia, increase stride length and range of motion, enhanced relaxation and improve overall performance and recovery.

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