Massage Is The Study of Anatomy In Braille

Massage Is The Study Of Anatomy In Braille” – Jack Meagher

I love this phrase “anatomy in braille” because it emphasizes the tactile nature of massage therapy. Equine massage therapists learn about the horse’s body through touch, by feeling and exploring it, just as braille readers learn about language by feeling the raised dots on a page.

Equine massage therapy involves applying the right amount of pressure, to the right technique to manipulate the muscles, fascia and other soft tissues, and observing the tissues’ response to the pressure and technique and adjusting as needed to develop a positive response. In doing so, equine massage therapists gain a deep understanding of the body’s anatomy, physiology, and the ways in which different body systems are all interconnected.

This metaphor highlights the importance of touch in massage therapy and the level of knowledge and skill required to be an effective equine massage therapist.

Massage helps the body relax, release, and re-align itself mentally and physically for a more supple and athletic performance.

About Jack Meagher

Jack Meagher (pronounced “Mar”) was a pioneer in the field of massage therapy. He coined the term “sportsmassage.” Under that umbrella, he combined a series of specific soft tissue applications based on anatomy, physiology and muscular kinetics. The application of these techniques became known as the “Meagher Method” of sportsmassage.

Jack was the massage therapist for two United States Equestrian Teams as well as for National Football League athletes. Jack divided his work between horses and humans, tending many of the top horses of the world, leading athletes in a variety of sports as well as European royalty. He served the United States Equestrian Teams at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 and at a number of World Championships.

His book Sportsmassage introduced the concepts of sportsmassage to massage therapists and athletes. This book was required reading for a number of schools as well as for the New York State Licensing Board.

Publications include:

Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses“, “Beating Muscle Injuries for Runners“, and “Sportsmassage“.

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